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Introducing People – explore the users of your application from a new lens.
PlayerZero's People feature helps you understand how your users are interacting with the areas that matter most in your application. We analyze user behavior to find trends, understand frequency, and build models around the expected paths your users take. With this information, you can optimize your application to better meet the users needs and improve their experiences.
🗺️ Sessions reimagined
We have talked about how a part of our product team’s routine is to watch FullStory videos daily. We are constantly looking to understand how our user experience can improve, but this method is time consuming and requires undivided attention. As we grow, watching these videos and understanding use cases, issues, and needs will continue to be more difficult.
Because our core technology builds an understanding of user behaviors, we knew we had the ability to summarize the user goals for each session - letting you know what happened at a quick glance. We could even create a snapshot to see the user's actions step-by-step, giving you an even deeper understanding of their intent.
By understanding how users interact with your application, you can...
  • identify areas that need improvement
  • optimize the user experience
  • understand how different audiences use the application
In addition to being able to understand our users from the bottom up, People has opened up a world where we can discover our power users and understand how they use our application as a model to help other users.
🏃‍♀️Tracking behavior changes
Now, since we’ve built expectations are users behaviors, we knew we needed a way to know when their behaviors were “off.” PlayerZero can detect when people’s behaviors change suddenly, but what caused those changes? A release? A technical issue? A specific UX or lack of?
Inside each session we flag any type of disruption. You can now identify at what point a users behavior changed. If there is a technical issue, you are given a detailed report that can be shared with your engineering team.
With People, you can discover your users at a deeper level and gain insights that can help you improve your application and the user experience. Typical analytics start at the top down - focusing on broad statistics and insights. PlayerZero is starting at the bottom - letting you understand a single user to constantly remember that each user’s experience has a unique story with endless insight.
Staying focused
We’ve had conversations with hundreds of product minded people over the last few months. While workflows, team sizes, and organizational goals were often distinct from one person to the next, there was a common theme that became abundantly clear – some product experiences matter more than others, by a significant margin. Simply put, there are a handful of outcomes in every application that are critical to the business goals, team’s KPIs and core usability.
One of our biggest focuses with co-pilot is to keep an eye out for what matters specifically to you. We created outcomes to allow you to track the success, and failure, of critical events or actions in your application. They are fully customizable and can be defined by anyone on your team to track specific pages, session lengths, or events that are critical to the success of your users and business goals.
Once you define what matters to you, when a specific Outcome has a change of behavior from the norm, PlayerZero will alert you. These alerts can be customized to meet the your team’s needs, with the ability to set the severity and frequency. This ensures that your team can quickly address any issues and prevent them from negatively impacting their business goals.
By tracking key metrics and receiving alerts when blockers occur, users can ensure that their application is always performing at its best and delivering the best possible experience to their users.
Other improvements to PlayerZero in this release:
  1. We’ve unblocked the ability to add outcomes and alerts for some users who didn’t have registered connectors.
  2. Corrected query logic on the People page that was causing issues with the user search feature.
  3. We’ve added no data states to all data pages
  4. The people page has been optimized to load faster and use less resources in the backend.
  5. The Mixpanel connector now sends user profiles to PlayerZero.
  6. The Datadog connector was updated to handle Null values and has expanded access to log errors.
A new way to monitor customer experiences and root causes issues – in real time.
PlayerZero has grown a lot since we started. We have learned from you that it’s not just about discovering issues and providing context to your team.
We knew we needed to evolve into a fully fledged product monitoring platform. We had everything we needed to take analytics, engineering and customer data to tell a holistic story about each customer and their experience in your product.
Today, we’re excited to announce your new co-pilot. This is the result of 3 years of work, and feedback from hundreds of users.
For Product Leaders
Because we are a small product team, we are always excited to have new tools to streamline our workflows. We track user events in Segment and each spend hours each day watching FullStory videos. We triaged customer issues in Slack. Our engineering team looked out for problems in earlier versions of P[0]. We were spending so much time and money processing the data manually to understand our core outcomes and user experiences. That’s when we saw a new opportunity for PlayerZero.
Product leaders have a unique set of needs. They are the glue that holds together technical and non-technical teams – trying to never let go of the user’s experience and outcomes needed for the business’ success. It’s a lot. Tools today serve their needs independently, but they are left to put the pieces together and story tell with a whole lot of gut instinct.
  • CRMs manage all things client and contract (think HubSpot or Salesforce)
  • Project management tools allow for client communication, roadmapping, and backlog management (think Monday, Zendesk or Jira)
  • User analytics tools to track user behavior and experiences. Monitoring funnels for singular users (think Amplitude, Mixpanel or Pendo)
  • Data monitoring tools track the constant stream of error and breaking signals (think Datadog, Sentry or Bugsnag)
It’s a constant juggling act, if and only if, the right team members are given access to all the right information and can speak the right language.
That’s where PlayerZero co-pilot comes in. PlayerZero makes it easy to unite product, customer, and engineering data to tell a complete story about your customer's experience.
We focused on 4 pillars when creating out new user experience:
Impact of incidents:
Correlate an issue to the critical product outcomes it’s impacting
Live customer statuses:
Actively keep an eye on the success of your users in your product
Full engineering context:
Connect to your monitoring and observability tools to automatically link developer context
Associated user information:
Hook into additional data sources through integrations and SDKs and see the entire story in minutes
Stay close to your customers, prioritize, communicate and drive growth seamlessly.
Other improvements to PlayerZero in this release:
  1. We have a major (backend) architectural shift to process information and analytics in a streaming-friendly manner. This is to help address the numerous performance problems that exist today in production in relation to the volume of data that exists.
With PlayerZero, it is now possible to measure the tangible impact of issues happening in your backend.
Users can now pipe their Mixpanel and Amplitude events and usage data directly into PlayerZero using the PlayerZero API connector.
Users can now pipe their Sentry data directly into PlayerZero using the PlayerZero API connector.
The Manual Upload Key command is now fully configurable. Users can turn the pre-set CMD+K shortcut on or off in settings. If users want to configure their own custom key command, they can add the following lister in their code:
window.addEventListener('keydown', (event) => {
if((event.ctrlKey || event.metaKey) && event.key === 'k'){
// Trigger the PlayerZero widget
A revamped onboarding flow will help new users see value quicker. The inclusion of educational materials and automatically generated views will create a more efficient adoption process for first and second touch users alike.
We’ve introduced an n-gram index that uses sub-parts as distinct keys for querying data. Noticeable results will be seen in auto-complete functionality and View load time across the application.
A more streamlined notification experience in Slack that delivers issue context directly into pre-defined channels, so your entire team can collaborate more effectively.
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